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EFA helps agency owners, consultants, coaches and local businesses to save money, generate more sales and work more efficiently. A true all-in-one software for a good price.


and much more...

and much more...

EFA is your best friend

  • Save time by automating marketing and sales processes within your business.

  • Save your money every month by keeping your software stack small and using an all-in-one software.

Use it for more conversions

Build high converting funnels/websites

A funnel/website is a necessity to any businesses out there who wants to make more money. Not only that, you could make funnels to build out processes to keep your business streamlined.


Keep your pipeline full and structured to know who you need to follow-up with to close the deal.

Email & SMS marketing

Not everyone that goes through a funnel converts, make the full use of email and SMS marketing, to follow-up on the prospects that haven't converted yet.

Use it for more automations


This is Klaviyo, Keap, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and any other automation software on steroids. You can literally automate 80% of your business through workflows.

Automated cold emails

Tired of sending manual cold emails to prospects? We got you covered, because you have the power to automate this activity within workflows, to save time and maximise your results.

Zapier & webhooks

If you still have necessary software that aren't available in EFA, you can even integrate EFA with Zapier and webhooks to automate even more.

Use it for more tracking

Email tracking

Open rate, click rate and reply rate are key metrics to track if your email campaigns are working or not. You have an overview of what works and what doesn't.

Call tracking

Want to know exactly what the impact is of your calls? You are able to track your calls to see which one converted and which aren't.

Paid ads tracking

You have the ability to use Meta's Conversions API to track your Meta Ads more accurately and also have UTM for even more bulletproof tracking.

Use it for other parts of your business


If you are used to Calendly, Acuity Scheduling or ScheduleOnce, this will be familiar for you. Create calendars where your prospects can book a call with you or your team.


Data is everything with marketing and EFA understands it like no other. Collect the data from your ad campaigns, calls, appointments and check the reports to see what works and what doesn't. Perfect to let yourself or your clients know what happens behind the scenes.

2 Way text & email conversations

You can manually send emails or text and have a conversation with your prospects. No need to switch back and forth.

WHY this is a no brainer

Other software vs EFA

  • Expensive (€200+/month)

  • Too many software

  • Cheaper (€98/month)

  • 1 software for 80% of your business

Hear what other EFA users are saying

"EFA saves a lot of time within my agency and everything I need for my agency is in there as well."

- Ferdinand

"This is a game changer! You don't have to use different software and it is cheaper as well."

- Sem

"I used to have 5 software. Now I have just one and that is EFA. This is amazing for every business"

- Lukas

"I'm using EFA for 5 months and it is an amazing platform for my email marketing and building funnels.."

- Mike


Choose your plan


  • Unlimited pipelines

  • Unlimited booking pages

  • Unlimited websites

  • Unlimited forms

  • CRM

  • 2 way text & email conversation

  • Reputation management

  • Call tracking

  • Email & chat support

  • Community

  • Trainings

  • Website, CRM & calendar templates

  • Integrations with Stripe, Slack etc.

  • 5,000 emails free to send

  • 400 SMS free to send

14 day free trail and after that:


(cancel anytime within your account)


  • Everything in Starter

  • Unlimited funnels

  • Unlimited workflows

  • Unlimited surveys

  • Unlimited courses

  • Unlimited blogs

  • Email & SMS marketing

  • Email & SMS tracking

  • Affiliate manager

  • Social planner

  • Funnel & automations templates

  • Integration with Zapier & webhooks

  • Meta Conversions API

  • 10,000 emails free to send

  • 850 SMS free to send

14 day free trail and after that:


(cancel anytime within your account)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why EFA and not Highlevel?

That is a good question! EFA is not just a software just like Highlevel. We provide trainings and the proven templates as well, so you don't have to figure it out for yourself.

If you know Highlevel, it can be daunting to know what you can do with the software, so we are here. to help you out.

What if I need any help?

We totally understand that tech can be an issue sometimes, so we wouldn't expect you to manage everything yourself.

Our support team is here to help whenever you need help with something, as well as the Agency Community where you can post any questions and get instant clarity on all things EFA. For further questions, email us at

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit/debit cards. If you don't have/want a credit card, you can also create an account on Wise for free and get a Wise debit card.

What can I expect from the free trial?

We are firm believers of trying it out, before you make a decision of paying the monthly subscription. You will get 1 account with every features we provide in EFA. This will give you more perspective of the power of using EFA.

How can I cancel the free trial?

If you just want to try out without any intentions of having a paid subscription, you can cancel your free trial by sending an email to, so you don't have to pay after the free trial. Make sure to do before the day we collect your payment, otherwise we can't give you a refund.

If I don't like EFA, how can I cancel?

You can send us an email to, and we will give you a form that you need to fill in to cancel your subscription.

Free 14 Day Trial

Create your free EFA account and try it for yourself to see how you like it!

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